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Come back to life Being mad And go wrong sparely Then we met Sudden light I feel you calling at me Sweet and thought And new pressure It's our friends have sweet and thought And mind mind of body Seeds for God Spin our big spending set me out All can hang on tight Begin to feel my empty Can't feel the heat and pain inside And two brother taking his anxious The sign Plans make us above She knew he's out She has to believe And know I'm else That we can free her Believe in her And my memories He remember me your eyes Ranging in within me You're mine to suffer time And except on me deeply Surround and come alive In fission and freely Embers under my setting Night and me Come find come fast And my heart could sound sleeping Inside my chest And now it's lying under heats For rest And taste baby baby I can mind it my mind sweet One story ended Another story will be find My eye place attention Be getting over time Being hurt I set it free I'll be your bird You save with peace I'm leaving A monster peace In memory your eyes Fortunately then needs He remind us for time I'm feeling how to believe He ran to know your mind Not to believe please Embers of my sad key Night and me Come back to life We be fight More than high Can be blue By his eyes Be who am I To live Who am I Truly eye Don't bother them I The both eye In to five Into tweet Oh all my time I can fight Come back to life We in met And go wrong barely Then we met Sudden light I feel you sorry on for me Come back to life With better lights Fire was in me Now that time To be open to believe Come back to life Being mad But goal goes right And then we Sudden light I feel you calling at me 歌曲及歌词下载地址:
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